Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Pension for Life
Through Pension for Life (PFL), the Government of Canada is introducing a modernized suite of programs and benefits to assist Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members, Veterans and their families with the transition to post-service life, and to compensate for pain and suffering resulting from service-related injuries. Some PFL benefits can be appealed to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board. Ask your representative about how the implementation of PFL on April 1, 2019 may affect your case. Learn more here.

Most requested services and information

Apply to the Board

Find out how you can make an application to have your disability benefits decision independently reviewed by the Board.

Review and appeal hearings

Find out about what you can expect at the Board's hearings.


Read the Board's most relevant and instructive decisions. These decisions help Veterans and the public better understand the Board's work and make applicants aware of decisions made in cases similar to their own.

Evidence requirements

Find out what the Board requires for medical and expert opinions. This will help you present the best evidence possible to support your application.

What's new

Check here for updates on what the Board has been working on.

Quick facts

Find basic information about the Board, including statistics on applications, decisions, etc.

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