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For the planning period of 2006-2009, the Board will continue to implement its strategic planning initiatives by concentrating its efforts to improve program delivery and communications. Success in these areas will benefit the people who appear before the Board and Canadians as a whole.

The Board’s long term plans will ensure that Appellants have confidence that their appeals will be dealt with fairly and consistently by VRAB staff and Members.   VRAB will always keep at the forefront that Appellants should receive the benefits to which they are entitled under the law and that their claims will be dealt with respectfully, knowledgeably, expeditiously and impartially.

As an independent agency, we are accountable to Canadians for our decisions and the responsible use of our resources. Quality decisions and service, as well as accountable management, will continue to be our priority.

Victor A. Marchand,

Chair, Veterans Review and Appeal Board

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