Strategic Plan 2006-2009


The Veterans Review and Appeal Board has full and exclusive jurisdiction to hear, determine and deal with all applications for review and appeal that may be made to the Board under the Pension Act, the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act - Part 3, the War Veterans Allowance Act and other Acts of Parliament. All matters related to appeals under this legislation are authorized under the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Act.

This Board also adjudicates duty-related disability pension applications under the authority of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pension Continuation Act and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act.


To be an exemplary leader in administrative tribunals and to demonstrate fairness, competence and excellence in service to Canadians by providing independent, consistent and reasonable decisions that are grounded in law.


To ensure fairness in Canada's programs for disability pensions and awards and war veterans allowances by providing research and advisory support and fair and expeditious appeal adjudications.


Impartiality: We value the contribution of all Canadians and provide accountable government services. We administer the law and our processes in an unbiased, fair and effective manner.

Excellence: We strive to provide excellence in service through continuous improvement of quality and ability.

Integrity: All individuals have the right to fair, transparent, and well-reasoned actions and decisions.

Respect: We work together in a spirit of collegiality and treat people with courtesy, diplomacy and respect.

Balance: We foster a workplace where individuals can sustain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

Strategic Direction:

Strategic Goal: Improving Program and Service Delivery

Strategic Outcome:

Fair and effective resolution of disability pension, disability award and War Veterans Allowance appeals from Canada’s war Veterans, eligible Canadian Forces Veterans and members, RCMP clients, qualified civilians and their families.


Improved Program Delivery:

  • Claim appraisal and management:
  • The Board will refine and enhance its pre-hearing process to improve efficiency.

Research capacity:

  • The Board will expand its legal and research capacity to improve quality and consistency.
  • Maintain a cadre of trained and experienced members:
  • The Board will develop a new training framework and membership accountability profile.


The Board will develop a communications plan to effectively respond to identified information needs of Appellants and stakeholders.

How to contact VRAB

E-mail us at

Telephone Numbers:

In Canada, call toll free:

  • 1(800) 450-8006 (English Service)
  • 1(877) 368-0859 (French Service)

Outside Canada, call collect:

  • 1(902) 566-8751 (English Service)
  • 1(902) 566-8835 (French Service)

Fax No. 1(902) 566-7850

Write to us at:

  • Veterans Review and Appeal Board
  • Daniel J. MacDonald Building
  • 161 Grafton Street
  • Post Office Box 9900
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • C1A 8V7

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