Revised Code of Professional Conduct - 2015

We have now revised and published the Code of Professional Conduct for Veterans Review and Appeal Board Members. The Code was reviewed and modernized to reinforce the Boards independence and competence in decision making, and to address recommendations from the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs. Expressed in plain language, the Code now gives Board Members clear guidance on several key aspects of the appeal process including:

  • preventing the apprehension of bias or conflict of interest in the hearing context;
  • promoting quality decision-making and timeliness;
  • ensuring consistency in decision making; and
  • considering the privacy interests of applicants in the conduct of hearings and the writing of decisions.

This Code sets out the standards of conduct for Board Members who are responsible for making decisions that impact the lives of Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families. Members must comply with these standards and subscribe to the Boards Vision, Mission and Values statements. Furthermore, they receive ongoing performance feedback based on this Code.